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The CO2 calculator in short

The new CO2 calculator allows the customers to easily view the impact of replacing their existing products with sustainable ISCC-certified drapes, based on their annual consumption of drapes. The result is reported both as a percentage reduction of CO2eq. emissions and as the actual reduction in kg CO2eq.

The calculator was launched in 2022.


Mölnlycke is continuously innovating to offer customers the most sustainable solutions, without compromising on the safety and quality of its products. By applying life cycle thinking to existing products, the company is proactively steering its product portfolios towards improved sustainability outcomes.

The last few years, ORS has introduced a number of ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) accredited sets of universal drapes that use renewable, bio-based raw materials. One of the three layers that make up the drapes is made of ISCC-certified mass-balanced plastic based on pine oil, a by-product from the forestry industry. As a result, an externally reviewed Life Cycle Assessment   showed these drapes to generate on average 20% less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional products. To guide customers in their conversion to more sustainable solutions, ORS has now developed a CO2 digital tool which straightforwardly calculates the environmental benefits of choosing an ISCC drape over a traditional product.

Mölnlycke currently offers approximately 20 ISCC-certified drapes, consisting of up to 30% bio-based material. Going forward, the plan is to gradually implement biobased material in more products.

Demand for products using renewable, bio-based raw materials is particularly high in Scandinavia, the UK and Benelux, and is increasing in other markets as well. The calculator’s model includes the product’s entire life cycle, including Scope 1, 2 and 3.



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